27 June 2010

cyber spanglish

Where did I leave off? Oh, yes, with a scintillating rant on OTD, Obsessive Tinkering Disorder. I still have that, and it's just as well, because I have to set up an online web course for the fall.

Who the heck would sign up for beginning Spanish online? Apparently everyone in the two filled-to-overflowing sections I will soon have to deal with. The online textbook with all the bells and whistles is in place.

But how to handle, uh .... speaking proficiency? I am thinking musical Skype, with sixty people all tuned in at the same time and let 'em duke it out for conversation practice, which will be limited to:

— Student 1: ¿Cómo tú estás? Yo soy Nacho.

— Student 2: Ha, ha! Tú ... no.... es... eres... you're not Nacho, dude!

— Ortizzle: I would just like to point out that, in fact, "Nacho" is a nickname for Ignacio.

— Student 2: No way! So some dude called Nacho is really bein' called a chip with some cheese on it?

And so on. (paying silent tribute to K.V., may he rest in peace and be frolicking with the gods.)